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For use with PC Drummer  All drum kit accessories require PC Drummer in order to function  
It’s What We Got” - Ray McNally  (Using PC Drummer Studio Kit)
PC Drummer
“You Know Yourself” - Ray McNally Using PC Drummer for drums.
"I use PC Drummer extensively when teaching my students. It's not only a great time keeping tool, but I also use it to program the drum beats that they work on, to write bass lines for them to groove with and to create complex polyrhythmic patterns for them to hear and analyze. It's easy to use and the sounds are fat.         Check it out!!!. - Paul Wertico : Seven Time Grammy Award Winner with the Pat Metheny Group, Modern Drummer Magazine & DRUM! Magazine Reader's Poll Winner, Faculty member of Northwestern University, Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University and the Bloom School of Jazz, clinician and A440 Music Group recording artist :website Paul Wertico


“Your Number” - Ray McNally Using PC Drummer  - Studio Kit
PC Drummer is simply the best drum machine software on the net, affordable and very flexible. The sounds are so incredible, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the machine and a real drummer. It very easy to use and is the best music software package I have ever seen. Definitely ahead of its time. - R.M - BC,Canada. Hi, I just bought the PC DRUMMER Pro and want to tell you I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!! It's simple, easy to use and mighty powerful.  - John Just bought the pro version and I am extremely impressed. Within minutes of installing the software I had created a great sounding drum track. The left and right pan controls are a really nice touch. Not having to do midi setups is also a huge plus. I would definitely recommend this software. Sounds like the real thing.  -  Greg Chadwick, Squamish, BC Canada The program is working perfectly. thank you very much. i am really impressed with the level of product support that comes with this product. and i want you to know that pc drummer works with my cakewalk pro audio nine like it was made for it. thanks again. The program kicks! I've downloaded some killer drum samples (wav files), that I've built a kit with. Me and a friend of mine have been recording with Cakewalk, and we've stopped using his Alesis drum machine. That's quite a compliment.  I will highly recommend your product to all the musician friends I know (actually, it is sort of selling itself, they can hear the results!) I'll be sure to give you guys a mention on my upcoming CD.   - Scott Martinez I just had to take time out to thank you for your excellent program. As a song writer it has become an invaluable tool for me. I think I even prefer it to a real drummer in that I can easily and continually make revisions in my drum tracks as I go. Now, if I decide I don't like something in the drum track I never hesitate to go back to PC Drummer and fix it in just a couple of minutes. Even changing the kit samples is quick and easy. Try doing that after a paid recording session with a real drummer. Though I don't consider myself a drummer or an expert with drum machines, I do have some experience with more than one brand and PC Drummer wins hands down.  Please keep me appraised of software updates. Thanks again, Roy L. Keith Anyway great program, the best and most straight forward, no nonsense drum machine I've used. Beats the hell out of my boss and zoom drum machines. Regards, Rob,Wales, UK  I really do like the program. Even my anti-drum machine wife is impressed with how real the drums sound. Thanks for creating it! - Jimmie The program is perfect , I am actually using the program for my upcoming cd. If you have a minute stop by and listen to the music. The new ones with pc drummer should be posted soon. I actually perform all guitars , bass , vocals and so on. Thanks again!    Steve  "Thanks for the excellent job on PC Drummer! The drum samples sound very convincing... especially through my 400 watt power amp and 4x12 speakers." R.O.Pittsburg, PA "Originally tried the 'trial' version on CompuServe, then I registered and Mr. Paul Orszula sent me the real thing. I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work...I've been looking for a product like this for a Long, Long Time." J.D.New Orleans, LA  "This is the best program EVER!!!...I've written some great stuff with your program, so thanks again." J.S.,North Olmsted, OH "Thanks, Paul. This program is just what I need." D.H.,Gastonia, NC "Very nice program." G.D.,Germany "Great program! It's really easy to use. I'm a guitar player that should have been a drummer so your program lets me get a lot of ideas out." R.S.,Columbia, MD  "I really like your product- Keep up the good work " H.H.,Keflavik, Iceland "I have been using PC Drummer and find it handy for guitar practice, tuition and for rehearsing with friends when working on simple arrangements. Unlike our real drummer it keeps time, it shuts up when you want it to, it does not play to loud and it doesn't try and get it on with the lead singer's girlfriend! ... It is a very nice little package, simple and well thought out. I have been using it on my lap top machine so its nice and portable." I.W. Liverpool,U.K.  "I really enjoyed trying out your program. I am a musician and song-writer. This is the best drum program I have seen. Thank you for making it available to me." J.B.Statesboro, GA  "Best Drum Machine for the PC I have found anywhere, been looking for several months!!" R.F.Springfield, MA For more information on PC Drummer or download a free trial visit 
“Best Part Of My Life” - Ray McNally Using PC Drummer  - Studio Kit
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“Hummingbird” - Ray McNally  Using the Jazz Kit
“Hangin Out - Tarzan Maryjane” - Ray McNally
PC Drummer - More samples  of various drum kits.
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“Don’t Look Away” - Ray McNally  Using the Studio Kit