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For use with PC Drummer  All drum kit accessories require PC Drummer in order to function (for PC only).  Hear Samples - click here  


Our Drum Kit accessories require PC Drummer for you to access and use our drum software kits.

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*All drum kit accessories requires PC Drummer

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DRUM KITS  Details for each drum kit  Price  Order Now 
Multi Kits  4 drum kits in 1 package - see more information
Multi Kits
4 drum kits in 1 package details (This Kit includes all 4 Kits involved in the Bass Kit Series development)

$40.00 USD On Sale: $29.00 
Studio Kit - see more information
Studio Kit

Reg. $10.00 USD  

HipHop Kit - see more information
Hiphop Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Precision Kit - see more information
Precision Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Jazz Kit - see more information
Jazz Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Ultra Kit - see more information
Ultra Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Bass Kit - see more information
Bass Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  


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